About Us

invidza.com is the digital product of SIU Digital, whose development and operation processes are performed at the METU TEKNOKENT Informatics and Innovation Center CoZone. It serves as an application and the website.
invidza.com is a digital invitation service that allows members to customize through an editor ready-made theme template that they choose and send them invidza.com to their guest lists in a personalized way via SMS or WhatsApp.
invidza.com is a bespoke platform that produces many videos and distributes these videos through various communication channels.
Members customize the templates they choose from invidza’s ready-made content library through the editor, and save guest lists to the system in various formats. During the sending phase, they are charged per submission and deliver the videos created by the system according to the information entered to their guests via communication channels such as SMS or WhatsApp. The transmitted information about the received videos and the replies given to the RSVP fields in the video content can be followed by the member through his profile.